Toddler & Preschooler Yoga Classes


Toddler wrapped in a yoga matToddler yoga classes are all about parents and toddlers interacting through yoga practice. We incorporate yoga poses, breathing, and relaxation into each class. We do this through storytelling, games, and using your toddler’s own imagination to make yoga fun. (No fun, no yoga!)

As toddlers are free spirits, it is essential to keep an open mind in these classes – we quite often go with the flow, and see where the yoga takes us – we respect your tots desire to explore and experience new sensations – whilst also providing them with the tools to help them self regulate as they get older. We are aware that parents might feel nervous bring a spirited toddler to class. Classes have a no judgement policy on toddler behaviour. A wide scale of behaviours that are considered problematic are actually perfectly normal for toddlers.  You might find them undesirable, but they are part of child development. Toddler yoga might actually help!

 Toddler yoga can help growing bodies gain strength and flexibility. But it’s about more than just the physical. Yoga can help toddlers with their confidence, and with concentration. They learn body awareness through the poses. Breathing exercises can be used as calming techniques. 

What are you waiting for? Why not check if there’s a class to suit you today? If weekly classes don’t suit, maybe our monthly Story Yoga classes will work better?


Boy with blond curly hair wearing orange top, looking very excited during yoga session

two children in foreground, looking up, open mouthed, in lion breath pose. adults and children in background watching on.