Choose the right baby class in baby yoga

Which class is right for us?

Choose the right baby class

How do you choose the right baby class for you and your baby? You are interested in baby yoga – but which class do you choose? A lot of baby yoga providers only offer classes until baby can move on their own – Child’s Pose Yoga is different. There are classes that are perfect for tiny babies right through to the toddler years, and beyond!

Below is a quick explanation of the classes I offer.

All classes involve yoga moves for both parent and baby. They are about connecting and bonding together, through the practice of yoga. I split baby classes depending on your baby’s ability to independently move around. I also structure classes around the babies, taking into account their need to foster close attachments with their carers. 

Pre-mobile Babies

Mother is seated, leaning over baby lying on ground, looking into baby's eyes. Mother has coloured juggling scarves to play peek a boo with.
Playing peek-a-boo in class

The first class offered is the baby yoga class – for babies from 8 weeks until they are crawling. These classes revolve around the connection between parent and baby – they are about bonding, gentle movements, and support. There are a lot of baby moves to assist in the development of their growing bodies. Mum moves take into account postnatal recovery, and babies need to keep mothers close. 

Crawling Babies

‘Tots’ classes are for mobile babies. This can mean crawling, rolling, bum shuffling, toddling – or any other form of movement. When babies become mobile, they naturally want to move and explore. This can make doing yoga with them more of a challenge.  Rising to the challenge is about organising fun filled classes where we let them move, and go with the flow. You will engage your tot with more dynamic baby moves. When their desire to explore or move takes precedent, we do more adult yoga – increasing the amount of moves we learn and practice in class.

At the mobile baby stage, I also provide use a few more props for engaging babies in the yoga session. I am really happy to use Yummikeys and Yummirings in all classes, they are great for teething and sensory play. I recently agreed to be a Yummikeys stockist too – so you can get your own set in class if you like them!

crawling baby looking into camera in foreground, mother doing yoga in background
Babies love to explore!

Tots classes are suitable for older babies and young toddlers until they are about 18 months old, or until you want to try them in a toddler class (it’s best discussing this before booking them straight into a toddler class).

Mixed classes

Occasionally, I will run some mixed classes, combining age ranges and abilities. Babies often love these classes, as they get to interact with younger and older babies. If you are unsure which class works for you and your child, these classes contain a lot of alternatives, and you can pick the one that suits you and your baby best. 

Check out our timetable to find a class to suit you! (If there isn’t one near you, please do get in touch. I’m happy to put on a new class if there’s a demand for it!)

Please also get in touch if you are still unsure, I can help you choose the right baby class!