Taking yoga to my sick bed

My sister in law – who is a midwife – once said that in training her lecturer described toddlers as ‘disease vectors’.

I’ve had to cancel classes this week, as I’ve been struck down with the sickness bug that had my own three year old disease vector vomit once in the night with, then proclaim himself fine the next day, when I had already placed us under quarantine (as a baby class teacher, I take these things pretty seriously. Vomiting bugs can floor anyone -but a new mama or her baby – that’s bad news!)

Anyway, fast forward to nearly the end of those 48 hours… And I was feeling very sorry for myself, as I proceeded to do my best impression of that girl from The Exorcist.

This led to me cancelling all of my yoga classes (sorry Mummies, babies and tots!), and a new 48 hr period of being a hermit, avoiding contact for fear of spreading my plague…

Every cloud has a silver lining…

I am pleased to note that the more you do yoga, the more you end up relying on it when you are in need. I’m almost out of my (second) 48hr quarantine. The main symptoms remaining are an all over body soreness (like I’ve been hit by a truck) and a mental fog. What have I been doing? Well, reminding myself that this too shall pass (mindfulness). I’ve also been doing some bed yoga! (yes, seriously!)

Just a couple of poses, not traditionally or anything like that – but following  the basics of the stretches – and it’s been great for my stiff, sore body. Cat/cow has been my absolute lifesaver!

It’s really not about hours and hours of yoga practice in. It’s about doing a little of what is right for you, at that moment, every day. There will be times in your life when you can devote hours to it. There will be times when 5 minutes seems like a luxury. Use them wisely.

That’s a big  part of what I hope to impart in my parent and child classes – take what works, and take that practice home! 

If all this talk of bed yoga has you intrigued – take a look at this short video from Finlay, the Kilted Yogi, and enjoy!

Connect & Grow Together With Yoga

Connect & Grow Together With Yoga

(and Child’s Pose Yoga)


Pink cupcake with candle shaped like a number 1.
                      Happy Business Birthday!

It has officially been a year since my little business started (HOORAY!) – so I thought I’d do a wee blog post on my ‘Why’.

If you were to ask me to boil it down to one word, it would be CONNECTION. Baby yoga, toddler yoga, kids and family yoga, my new Women’s Circles – all of it is about the connection.

Before Yoga

I used to work for the police. I worked shifts, in a busy control room. Then I became pregnant. I had a bad pregnancy – I suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum (extremely bad pregnancy sickness) – and was off work for months. Then, after I gave birth to my son, I developed postnatal PTSD, with depression and anxiety. The result of all this ill health was a huge feeling of isolation. There were points when I felt very on my own and unsupported.

Then, I discovered yoga as a way to help heal my body and my mind.

My Next Steps

I left my job with the police. I retrained to be able to teach baby yoga. It started with just that, then my offering grew as I underwent more training. All my classes, all my workshops, everything I do has connection at the heart of it. My journey would have been easier if I’d been supported by a community. I am grateful for all the help I received after realising I COULD ask for help. I hope that by teaching my classes, and getting people to connect, bond and grow together, there will be less chance of others feeling the isolation I did.

Yoga Heals

Photograph of young child sitting on mothers knee, holding a ball. Mother is kissing the child
Bonding during a story yoga session
Mother is seated, leaning over baby lying on ground, looking into baby's eyes. Mother has coloured juggling scarves to play peek a boo with.
Playing peek-a-boo in class

Yoga is a fantastic tool to help with personal wellbeing. It makes perfect sense that we teach this to our children from as early a point as possible. I teach you how to use yoga to bond and connect with your child. It is not all super bendy poses and ‘ommm-ing’ – it is fun and exciting. We play games, we make funny faces and noises. I absolutely love seeing parents and children connect in class – and seeing the families interact with other families.

That is my Why.