Baby Yoga Classes

Mother doing forward fold yoga stretch over a baby lying on the ground

* ** FOR THE DURATION OF SOCIAL DISTANCING DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC, THERE WILL BE NO FURTHER BABY CLASSES. I am currently working on some online content to introduce the basic moves for you to try yourself at home. I am also available for one-to-one sessions via Zoom – please get in touch to discuss further. ****

Baby yoga is a class that benefits both parent and baby. Both Mummy (or Daddy) and baby take part in the class.

The asana (poses) are adapted from Hatha yoga. Baby moves are modified to suit babies at all developmental stages. Parent moves are all gentle yoga poses, suitable for the postnatal body. Sarah, your teacher, has trained with the organisation that created baby yoga – Birthlight.

We also teach easy holds and moves to work into your everyday life. Parents say they are more confident handling babies after attending classes. Baby yoga can enhance the bonding and attachment process which is vital for healthy development.

Mummies, Daddies, Grandparents and other carers are all welcome to attend. The yoga moves are gentle, and will suit most. In case of physical contraindications, I can often offer alternative moves. Older siblings are also welcome in classes. They will be encouraged to join in if they want. If they bring a doll they can do the baby moves with that. Often attending can help decrease sibling rivalry, as they are joining in the yoga practice too.

Classes are suitable for babies from 8 weeks until they are ready to move to toddler classes.