About Child’s Pose Yoga

My name is Sarah, I run Child’s Pose Yoga when I’m not busy being a Mummy to my energetic toddler.

I started Child’s Pose Yoga after becoming passionate about the healing and restorative effects of yoga – and discovering the vast array of benefits it provides to both parent and child when practised together. I love teaching the classes, and seeing the benefits in action – it is one of my favourite times in the week!

I participated in baby massage classes with my son when he was newborn, and I’m thrilled to be able to offer this as another one of my services too – baby massage and baby yoga are closely connected, and have similar benefits – so it’s great to be able to teach both! The gift of love and nurturing touch is one of the most important things a parent can share with their child – it is an honour to be able to instruct new parents in techniques they can use to do this.

When I’m not busy learning more about massage and yoga (it’s a lifelong journey, I’ll always be learning!) and juggling life with my little yoga badger, I occasionally like to try my hand at crafting – pre-children, I was a keen knitter and crocheter – and I do try and keep the skill up if I find I have the time. You may even occasionally see some of my creations in class!