Taking yoga to my sick bed

My sister in law – who is a midwife – once said that in training her lecturer described toddlers as ‘disease vectors’.

I’ve had to cancel classes this week, as I’ve been struck down with the sickness bug that had my own three year old disease vector vomit once in the night with, then proclaim himself fine the next day, when I had already placed us under quarantine (as a baby class teacher, I take these things pretty seriously. Vomiting bugs can floor anyone -but a new mama or her baby – that’s bad news!)

Anyway, fast forward to nearly the end of those 48 hours… And I was feeling very sorry for myself, as I proceeded to do my best impression of that girl from The Exorcist.

This led to me cancelling all of my yoga classes (sorry Mummies, babies and tots!), and a new 48 hr period of being a hermit, avoiding contact for fear of spreading my plague…

Every cloud has a silver lining…

I am pleased to note that the more you do yoga, the more you end up relying on it when you are in need. I’m almost out of my (second) 48hr quarantine. The main symptoms remaining are an all over body soreness (like I’ve been hit by a truck) and a mental fog. What have I been doing? Well, reminding myself that this too shall pass (mindfulness). I’ve also been doing some bed yoga! (yes, seriously!)

Just a couple of poses, not traditionally or anything like that – but following  the basics of the stretches – and it’s been great for my stiff, sore body. Cat/cow has been my absolute lifesaver!

It’s really not about hours and hours of yoga practice in. It’s about doing a little of what is right for you, at that moment, every day. There will be times in your life when you can devote hours to it. There will be times when 5 minutes seems like a luxury. Use them wisely.

That’s a big  part of what I hope to impart in my parent and child classes – take what works, and take that practice home! 

If all this talk of bed yoga has you intrigued – take a look at this short video from Finlay, the Kilted Yogi, and enjoy!

One thought on “Taking yoga to my sick bed”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been as sick as I have been in the last 6 months since my little yogi started in childcare. Stomach bugs are the worst!

    I love the Namaste in bed video. But is anyone else jealous that the Kilted Yogi is hitting snooze at 11:12am?! 😴

    I hope you are back to feeling 💯 soon!

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